Contract Disputes

Skilled Trial Advocacy For Your Business Contract Dispute

Business owners whose livelihoods are at stake during contract dispute litigation could benefit from the skilled assistance of an experienced commercial litigation attorney with an extensive background in free enterprise.

Are you headed for a courtroom battle over the validity of a contract, or a non-compete, nondisclosure, or severance portion of a business contract? Will that impasse leads to a business divorce that dissolves your company?

In Houston, Texas, the lawyer who can help you is Andrew Bayley, founder of The Bayley Law Firm.

Andrew Bayley knows how to judge the impact of a disputed contract on the smooth daily operations of the company you worked so hard to build. He knows how to investigate your claim and your opponent’s case, prepare your position for advocacy at trial and get results before judge and jury.

At The Bayley Law Firm, Your Legal Needs — And Your Business Future — Come First

You can count on Andrew Bayley to protect your rights when allegations of breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty or business fraud threaten your opportunity to continue to provide for your family. Along with attentive representation, you receive constant, close, and direct personal service that gives you strength and confidence in your goals.

Your initial consultation can lay the groundwork for strategies that put this crisis behind you. Call us today at 713-383-8887 or send an email message.