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Divorce is difficult. We’ve helped thousands successfully manage the end of their marriage.

We can get through this together. Whether you need an attorney or want the information to do this on your own, you’ll find it by clicking below. Let us help you manage your fresh start.

At The Bayley Law Firm, each of our Houston divorce lawyers has the experience and the expert resources to handle your case, no matter how complex. Contact us to learn more about how we can protect your interests today so you can move forward with your life.

Texas family court judges have a great deal of authority to determine alimony, property division, debt allocation, and even visitation terms in a divorce case. If your divorce will be heading to court, it’s essential you have an experienced attorney prepared to fight for your interests.

Divorce Services in Houston

  • Military divorce
  • Divorce in Texas
  • Property & debt settlement
  • Complex asset division
  • Hidden assets
  • Tax & title issues in divorce
  • Foreclosure & real estate equity
  • Spousal maintenance / alimony

best divorce lawyers in houston 2020 updateHow We Will Help You

  • We will evaluate your financial situation and advise you of the impact child support and alimony may have on your finances.
  • We will explain Texas property and debt division guidelines, and how they will influence the division of complex assets such as retirement funds, investments, and even your business interests.
  • We will help you understand the tax implications of alimony and some types of property division.
  • We have the resources to investigate financial abnormalities that may signal your spouse has hidden assets or income.
  • We regularly work with child custody evaluators and psychologists to help our clients develop thorough child custody and visitation plans that work for families.

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Should You File First?

There can be advantages to filing for divorce first. If you have already decided that the marriage is broken or you think that your spouse is about to file, talk to us and we can explain why you may wish to file first.

If you have already been served divorce papers, our divorce lawyers will immediately move to ensure your property rights are protected. Avoid being caught off-guard. Have a lawyer explain the significance of the divorce decree, the divorce process, and your rights.

Your Next Step: Contact a Lawyer in Houston

If you are experiencing serious marriage problems, we’ll make sure you are prepared for whatever happens next. Contact an attorney at our Houston law offices to schedule a consultation to discuss the divorce process. We represent clients throughout Maricopa County, including Houston, Harris County, TX, and Sugarland, Fort Bend County, TX.

Is “Do It Yourself” Best – Houston Divorce Attorney

best divorce law firm houston txWe often see clients come into our office who have encountered a legal issue arising from a so-called do-it-yourself divorce.

These people are lured in, thinking they will settle their divorce matters quickly and at a low price.

Unfortunately, it rarely works out that way. We help clients who have encountered problems due to the following:

  • Checking the wrong box on document
  • Vague, non-specific language
  • Discovering that divorce was not finalized
  • Legally questionable divorce forms

Any number of problems can arise when a divorce is not guided by an attorney. Our divorce lawyers have helped thousands of clients with divorce matters. We are committed to helping out clients complete their divorces accurately, and minimize potential problems in the future.

Divorce Cost In Houston

I Want a Cheap Divorce. Isn’t Hiring an Attorney Expensive?

Not necessarily. A divorce can be quite economical, especially if spouses are cooperative. Negotiation may be an effective means to divorce. When a do-it-yourself divorce produces legal problems in the future, the cost of fixing them can be much higher than ever expected. By working with an attorney from the start, any divorcing couple can be assured their divorce is legally accurate.

At The Bayley Law Firm, we understand that many clients are concerned about the cost of divorce. We work with them in an efficient manner, keeping their best interests — emotional and financial — in mind.

Whether or not you should dissolve your marriage may be one of the most important and difficult decisions you will ever face. Take time to reflect and process. Separation and divorce is a major life change.

There are serious issues that you need to consider when contemplating divorce. Your future depends upon your ability to think rationally and strategically about this life-changing period in your life. Whatever has led you to the threshold of divorce, once you’ve made the decision to end your marriage, you must prepare yourself for what lies ahead in a reasoned and thoughtful manner.

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Things to Consider for your Houston Divorce

We’ve put together a list of things that you may or may not have to consider when filing for Divorce in Houston:

Thinking about the Children, Custody, and Support:

  • Who will the children live with?
  • Will there be shared custody? Do you want full custody?
  • If they live with your spouse, how often will you be able to visit them? How often will they be able to stay overnight with you?
  • How will you and your ex-spouse make decisions about the children, such as their health, education, religion, and welfare?
  • Who pays for the children’s living expenses? Their education? Their travel?

Regarding Spousal Maintenance and Child Support:

  • Will you receive spousal support or need to pay it? How much and for how long?
  • If financial circumstances change significantly for you or your spouse, will support be increased or decreased?
  • Who will be entitled to claim the children as exemptions for income tax purposes?

About Property Division and Your Home:

  • What property is community property and subject to equitable division?
  • How will marital assets and debts be valued and divided?
  • Who will live in the marital home during the divorce process?
  • Will one of the spouses keep the marital home or will it be sold? And if sold, how will the proceeds be divided?
  • About Insurance and Income Taxes:
  • Will you keep life insurance for the benefit of your children?
  • Will either party be obligated to provide medical or other insurance for the benefit of the other spouse or children? For how long?
  • Who will be responsible for paying medical, dental, drug, or hospital expenses for the children when not covered or reimbursed by insurance?
  • Who will receive any tax refund currently due on a past joint income tax return?
  • If there is a deficiency on a past joint income tax return, who will be responsible for paying the tax, interest, and penalties?
  • If you file joint income tax returns for the current year, who will be responsible for paying any taxes due? Who will be entitled to receive any tax refund?

Three Tips to Keeping Your Life on Track

  1. Remember that knowledge is power. Don’t hide your head in the sand and hope you’ll wake up one day and it will all be over. Ask questions, read, study, and make use of our website to stay on top of what you need to know to make good decisions. Use the tools available to you to educate yourself about everything involved in the divorce process.
  2. Remember that you’re in control. No one understands your goals and aspirations better than you do. Make sure you consistently voice your needs, concerns, and objectives so that you remain in charge of your life’s direction.
  3. Remember that every decision you make in your divorce is a personal decision. As difficult as it may be from time to time, you must keep your emotions at bay and concentrate on allocating marital assets and debts, working through child support, establishing any spousal maintenance, and so on.

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Family Lawyer Houston FAQ

How long does divorce take in Houston?

The State of Texas has a mandatory 60 day waiting period for any divorce case that gets filed. So, your divorce will not be complete before 60 days. The major factor in determining how long your case will take to finalize is if and when you and your spouse can come to an agreement on the important terms int he Divorce Agreement.

How much does a divorce lawyer cost?

The price of your divorce lawyer legal representation is most likely going to depend on the complexity of your case. Typically, the more fighting and bickering a divorcing couple engages in, the higher the price. You should contact us for a consultation to get a better idea of how much your divorce will cost in Texas.

Who is the best houston family law attorney?

Most Texas lawyers will tell you that they do not like to throw this term best around lightly. It's frowned upon, so we will not pontificate on who the best is. We can tell you that Attorney Andrew Bayley is Board Certified, Family Law - Texas Board Of Legal Specialization, was ranked Top Lawyers 2019 by Houstonia Magazine, and voted Best Divorce Lawyers in Houston 2020 by Expertise.com.