Contested and High Net Worth Divorces

Experienced Trial Representation For Contested And High-Asset Divorces

Any number of issues can make a divorce contentious and send it to a courtroom for resolutions of disputes.

At The Bayley Law Firm in Houston, Texas, our founding attorney Andrew Bayley knows the battles that are worth fighting — custody of a child or children, ownership of significant marital assets and access to a closely held family business, just to name a few.

When negotiations have broken down and divorce litigation is the last resort, Andrew Bayley is the aggressive advocate you need on your side, in and out of court. He has years of experience with investigation of child access issues and property division concerns, and provides a strong voice for your goals before judge and jury.

The Aggressive Advocacy You Need For High Net Worth Contested Divorce

houston high net worth divorce lawyerBusiness owners face special challenges with protecting lifelong investments in companies built before a marriage. Whether or not a prenuptial agreement exists, Andrew Bayley crunches the numbers, applies his extensive legal knowledge, charts an effective course of action and provides direct personal service throughout the legal process.

The high-asset divorce lawyer who safeguards your interests is Andrew Bayley of The Bayley Law Firm. Contact us today to arrange your initial consultation and discuss your divorce litigation objectives. Call 713-383-8887 or reach us by email message.

Houston, Texas High Net Worth Divorce FAQ

How much does a high net worth divorce lawyer cost?

Your divorce attorney will typically charged based on the complexity of your divorce lawsuit. In general, high net worth divorces involve significantly more assets (and controversity) than the average Texas divorce action. It stands to reason that a high net worth divorce will cost more, and even take longer, than an average divorce in Houston. Contact our office for more information.

How long does a high net worth divorce take?

Texas has a mandatory 60 day waiting period for every divorce action filed. Notwithstanding that, there are typically more assets in controversy when high net worth individuals file for divorce. There more there is to fight over, the longer your divorce could take. The Bayley Law Firm makes an effort to be as expedient as possible. Call our office for more details.

Do you have experience with high net worth divorces?

Attorney Andrew Bayley is Board Certified - Family Law - Texas Board Of Legal Specialization. He was voted Top Lawyers 2019, Houstonia Magazine. The Bayley Law Firm was voted Best Divorce Lawyers in Houston 2020 by We have multiple 5-Star reviews online and we can help with all manner of divorce actions in Texas.