Extremely well-versed attorney willing to go to bat for you

Posted by Dr. Richard Stevenson, a Litigation client, over 1 year ago.

Mr. Bayley is an extremely knowledgeable attorney able to bridge his education with experience to provide, hands down, the best legal services available. I have been a client of Mr. Bayley’s for approximately 3 years. Services rendered include multiple business litigations, as well as counsel on child custody and child support matters.

Mr. Bayley not only consults with you directly one on one, he is very compassionate towards one’s hardships. Throughout my entire time working with Mr. Bayley, he is always available to discuss questions I have and is very punctual with regard to keeping me informed with new developments. Every attorney I have worked with previously would require multiple messages left with his or her secretary and a minimum of several days, sometimes a few weeks, before I would hear back from them. In addition, the majority of the time I would communicate with a paralegal who would breach communication or mismanage information, that at times, would lead to issues that were too late to correct.

Not with Mr. Bayley. He personally handles all of my questions and goes above and beyond what I feel any other attorney would do. Mr. Bayley not only works diligently on your case to bring about a positive result, he does so in an extremely timely manor. Whereas other attorneys I have dealt with, drag things out to produce more billable hours, thus costing me substantial amounts of money. I truly believe Mr. Bayley’s ability to combine his experience with intellect has saved me thousands of dollars! And, produced a resolve that seemed bleak at times among very difficult circumstances.

Mr. Bayley handled an issue for me in which an investor and business partner knowingly manipulated contracts and were working in an attempt to compromise my ability to make a living. Furthermore, at the time I was financially in a bind, whereas my former business partner was in a much more favorable monetary position to tie things up in court. Mr. Bayley did not stand for this, took the case head on, and ultimately was resilient and persistent to the point I never would have dreamed he could produce the outcome that resulted.

Furthermore, I found myself in a difficult situation during a divorce. I had a number of questions about my rights with regards to seeing my son and financially compensating my ex-wife. Mr. Bayley not only addressed the issues I faced with the most appropriate approach, he made sure to protect my business and assets while looking out for my son’s best interest during one of the most trying times in my life.

I could not recommend a better attorney. I am confident that Mr. Bayley is one of the few individuals still willing to go the extra mile for clients simply because he does not settle for anything short of excellence.