Interstate Custody Issues

Quality Legal Services That Address Your Texas Family’s Interstate Custody Issues

When a child of divorce is taken to a state outside Texas — due to a custodial parent’s business or military transfer, job seeking or need for specialized health care — interstate custody issues can inflame an already tense situation between former spouses.

At this trying time for all members of the family, the guidance and support of an experienced family law attorney can bring order to the chaos caused by these disputes.

In Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, the divorce and interstate custody lawyer who can help you is Andrew Bayley, founder of The Bayley Law Firm.

Andrew Bayley provides the benefits of his years of experience, command of statutes governing child custody and interstate custody issues, personal service and track record of success.

Mr. Bayley advocates for custodial parents considering a move to another state; parents allowing children to visit parents in another state for extended periods of time; and out-of-state noncustodial parents who want visitation rights enforced.

He listens carefully to your wishes and goals, and responds with realistic assessments based on what the law will allow. The versatility of his quality legal services promotes a range of remedies — outcomes arrived at by mediation, negotiation or in court if necessary.

Protecting Your Rights — And “The Best Interests Of The Child”

To speak with Andrew Bayley in confidence about your out-of-state family law issue, such as interstate custody, contact The Bayley Law Firm to arrange an initial consultation. Call 713-383-8887 or send an email message.